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How to Choose the Right Sanitary Pad

Updated: Jun 3

Periods are not alike for every woman - they are unique to individuals. Every woman undergoes a different experience while on period. Some may bleed more while some may not. This is the reason why sanitary pads are made differently. Depending on the way your body reacts to menstruation and several other factors such as body shape, skin type, and flow, your choice of the sanitary pad may differ from others.

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So, which sanitary pad is right for you? And how should you choose the pad that justifies your periods and preferences?

To help you figure out, given below are a few tips on how to choose the right sanitary pad. 

1. Know Your Periods

The first and the most important thing is to understand your menstrual cycle. The type of menses you have will greatly impact the choice of your sanitary pad. If you have heavy to medium flow, a sanitary pad with high absorbency is required. Contrary to this, if you have a light flow, you need a sanitary napkin with lower absorbency to avoid getting the feeling of heaviness. You can check the absorbency level of sanitary pads on their packaging.

Apart from this, your flow tends to vary through the period cycle. So remember to follow up with these changes in order to choose the sanitary pad you actually need for your periods. 

2. Check Material

The material used in your pad plays a crucial role in determining its level of comfort. So don’t just run behind smoothness because that’s not what you need. Always check the composition and material of your sanitary napkin because it is the sole thing that determines how comfortably it fits your body and skin.

Cotton sanitary pads are always a good choice suitable for all skin types. Since cotton is a skin-friendly material it helps keep skin issues like infection, rashes, and irritation at bay. Particularly, if you have sensitive skincare must be taken when selecting the material of sanitary pad. 

3. Length and Flow

There are different types of sanitary pads out there in the market so make sure not to be overwhelmed with the choices. Always choose a sanitary pad based on the length and flow during your cycle. Initially, at the start of your period, you may consider using a regular-sized pad. However, if your flow is heavy and your regular-sized pad needs to be changed too often in that case you need a large-sized napkin with broad hip guards. 

Furthermore, there are separate day and night pads. The day pads are shorter while night pads are longer and wider to prevent staining or leaking while you lie down. The larger the pad, the more absorbent it will be. As a rule of thumb, you can use extra-large pads on heavy flow days and regular ones on days that come up next. This is how you can opt for the right pad size according to your needs. 


4. Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is another critical aspect to consider when choosing the right sanitary pad. You must always use the sanitary pads depending on the activities you perform while on your period days.

For an instance, if you are likely to get indulged in intensive activities, use high-absorbent pads. Or if your routine requires a lot of movement, using winged pads is a safe option. 

5. Variety of Products

Gladly, nowadays dealing with periods is much easier than you think. With so many products out there in the market to assist, you can easily make it through your menstruation without hassle. One such thoughtful product is panty liner. Being small, slim, and soft, a panty liner is good for light flow or slight spotting. Additionally, you can also layer it with a tampon or menstrual cup for extra protection. A panty liner not only provides you protection but also keeps you comfortable all day long, ensuring you feel like you are not wearing anything at all. 

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Some Important Points To Keep In Mind

  • Always invest in quality cotton panties to make them breathable and stay fresh all day long. 

  • Wash your vaginal area thoroughly every time you change your pad. 

  • Ideally, it is recommended to change the pad after every 4-5 hours to prevent the risk of infection. 

  • Taking warm showers can help ease menstrual cramps. 

  • Do not use harsh chemicals, soaps, or intimate washes to clean the vaginal area. 

  • Do not wait to change the pad when it gets heavy and full.


Studies say that around 60% of women across the world fail to recognize their right choice for the pad. However, understanding your cycle and its needs is highly crucial to maintaining fertility and sound health during the menstrual cycle. Keep the aforementioned pointers in mind to make the right pad choice. So, look no further to enjoy better periods.

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