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8 Things to Keep in Mind for Your Menstrual Hygiene

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Menstrual hygiene is a topic that needs to be addressed now more than ever.

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Menstruation is an extremely vital process in women's bodies that requires extensive care and attention. Women are more prone to serious illnesses and infections during their menstrual cycle. Maintaining proper hygiene during these days will keep you safe and healthy.

To help you begin with an effective self-care routine, given below are important things to keep in mind for maintaining menstrual hygiene.

#1. Always Begin with Good Nutrition

Before we head to talk about anything, we must pay attention to nutrition. Having a good nutrition intake and consuming a balanced diet are necessary to ensure good mental and physical health during the menstrual cycle. Moreover, it is equally important to keep your body hydrated. Make sure to consume at least 4-6 liters of water every day throughout your periods. All these factors do influence your menstrual hygiene, so it's high time that you pay attention to it.

#2. Wear Quality Underwear

Your undergarments, especially your underwear is key to ensuring safe and comfortable menstrual cycles. You must invest in quality panties featuring breathable fabrics. It is advisable to opt for cotton panties as they are good for everyday use due to their high absorbent capabilities. They can easily dry up while absorbing your sweat and wetness. Because of this, they are effective to ward off irritation and infections occurring as a result of menstruation.

Next, you must always wear clean and comfortable underwear. If possible change your underwear twice a day during periods. Apart from this, be cautious that your underwear is loose enough to allow airflow to your sensitive body areas.

#3. Change Sanitary Pads/ Tampons Every Four Hours

It is always recommended to change the sanitary pad/ tampon after every four hours. Especially during the first two days when there are chances of heavy bleeding, changing the pad frequently is necessary. Likewise, you must never use the same pad for more than eight hours. Using the same pad for prolonged hours is known to cause infections, irritations, and even urinary tract infections. Therefore, to avoid such troubles, it is always safe to change pads/tampons after proper time intervals.

#4. Take Shower Regularly

During periods it is important to take shower each day. However, if possible, bathing twice a day is a great option. Also, make sure to wash your vaginal area thoroughly so that it stays clean and does not lead to an unpleasant odor. This will not only help you stay fresh and clean but will also help ward off the risk of possible infections.

#5. Do Not Use Soap

Vagina has its self-cleaning mechanism that works fine to maintain its pH level while keeping a good balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria. Therefore, you need not use any soap or body wash to clean it. Simply, seek the help of water to wash it from inside. Additionally, avoid using items like scented creams, intimate washes, or sprays. Since these items have chemical composition they tend to irritate your skin and may cause serious infections by destroying good bacteria.

#6. Do Not Use Cloth

It is recommended to always use menstrual products: sanitary napkins, tampons, or cups during periods. Using old rags or cloth has harmful consequences. Unfortunately, many women still use cheap alternatives to pads which is a concerning issue. Using these items for a long time carries significant risk and is known to cause serious health complications.

Besides, remember not to switch between different menstrual products simultaneously. Choose any one with which you are comfortable, plus also suits you the best in the longer term.

#7. Dispose of the Sanitary Pad or Tampon Properly

Another essential key to maintaining menstrual hygiene is to ensure their proper disposal. Wrap your used products before throwing them in the dustbin. Flushing them or throwing them mindlessly here and there in open spaces is a strict no as this could promote the spread of bacteria. Lastly, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after disposing of them.

#8. Clean Reusable Pads Regularly

If you use reusable sanitary napkins then pay attention to their proper cleaning. Make sure to wash them after every use so that they are free of bacteria and there is no risk of infection. Do stick to their intended number of uses and discard them once they complete their lifespan.

Maintain the Menstrual Hygiene

Your menstrual hygiene has a direct impact on your health and well-being so don’t take it lightly. Small changes today can greatly benefit you in the longer run. Stick to the aforementioned practices to maintain proper menstrual hygiene and lead a stress-free and disease-free life.

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